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The workers’ compensation lawyers at Lee Law Offices, P.A. have handled all types of job-related injury cases in North and South Carolina. We can help you determine what benefits you may be entitled to and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

We understand how the sudden loss of income can put a lot of stress on wage earners and their families. In these difficult times, the last thing you need is the legal runaround associated with receiving your workers’ comp.

We are here to make this process as simple as possible. We can help you navigate the system, protect your rights, and protect your family’s financial welfare.

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Protecting Your Rights

In general, as long as your injuries were a direct result of your employment, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This doesn’t have to be a physical injury, though. Any illnesses acquired through your employment, such as those dealing with hazardous or cancer-causing chemicals, also constitute a case for workers’ comp.

Proving liability, however, can be a long and complex process, requiring the knowledge and experience of a qualified attorney.

Additionally, there is a two-year statute of limitations on filing a claim in both North and South Carolina.

We can help you protect your income and your earning capacity by protecting your rights and maximizing compensation you are entitled to under the law.

Our workers’ comp lawyers have worked with thousands of injured workers and helped them find the best options for securing their financial welfare.

The Workers’ Compensation Process

Workers’ compensation is designed to avoid the lengthy delays in the court system by providing compensation through a separate legal process for workers injured on the job.

The system is usually very effective for small claims involving several days or weeks out of work. Claims for serious injuries, however, will inevitably bring debate over the nature of the injuries, the amount of money you are owed, and the amount of your income used to calculate benefits.

These added complexities work in the employers’ favor, because most employees are unfamiliar or overwhelmed by the system. If you’ve been injured on the job, your main concerns are your recovery, your job, and the wellbeing and financial security of the family.

The last thing you need at this time is a bunch of added paperwork and legal ins and outs adding to the stress of the situation.

If you or someone you love is out of work and facing a workers’ compensation claim, Lee Law Offices, P.A. offers free consultations to discuss your rights.

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Workers Compensation FAQs


What is Workers Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a system that allows workers to be compensated if they become sick or injured due to something that happens on the job.


How Does Workers’ Comp Work?

If your claim is admitted, workers’ comp will cover your medical expenses and give you a portion of your weekly pay until you are able to return to work.


Why Do Employers and Insurers Offer Settlements?

In most cases, insurers and employers offer settlements because they don’t want to face the prospect of paying long-term compensation. If you aren’t sure if a settlement is reasonable, you should consult with a workers’ comp lawyer.


What Is A Fair Amount for A Settlement?

It’s important to know what amount you are likely to get in a settlement. It can be difficult to determine a fair amount without knowing the particulars of the situation, but a workers’ compensation attorney can help you make that determination. 


Should I Accept A Settlement?

Deciding whether or not to accept a settlement can be challenging. Your lawyer for workers’ compensation can help you assess the situation and decide whether accepting the settlement is a good decision. Consider whether the settlement meets your needs now and in the future.


Who is Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

To be eligible for workers’ compensation, you must be employed, and your employer needs to have a workers’ comp policy (this is legally required for most employers). If you aren’t sure if you are eligible, a workers’ comp attorney can help you figure out whether you meet the eligibility requirements.


How to File a Workers’ Comp Claim

You first need to let your employer know that you were injured and file a report of the incident at work. Your employer may be able to guide you through the initial process of filing a claim. After that, you will need to reach out to a firm of workers’ compensation lawyers to help you figure out the process. Waiting before contacting a workers’ compensation attorney can be a mistake.


What Injuries are Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

There are a variety of injuries that are covered by workers’ compensation. In fact, it may cover any injury that is incurred at a work-related function, whether it is on the job or during a work party. In South Carolina, as long as you are an employee, you are entitled to that workers’ compensation, and your work accident lawyer can help you to get what you need. In North Carolina, in most cases, there is an additional requirement that you be injured in an unusual occurrence.


I Was Injured at Work. What Are My Legal Rights?

Knowing your legal rights is essential, and you need that knowledge in order to be compensated. You have the right to make a claim, get medical help, and eventually return to your job when your doctor releases you. To learn more about your rights, speak to workers’ compensation lawyers who know how the process works. 


Is there a timeline for filing a claim?

Yes. There are deadlines for reporting an accident as well as filing the claim. Speak with a workers’ comp lawyer as soon as possible so you don’t miss any important deadlines.


What happens if my condition gets worse after I settle my workers’ compensation case?

Depending on the particulars of your situation, you may be able to reopen your claim and receive further compensation if your injury gets worse over time. You may also need to file a second claim for a new injury if your old injury is exacerbated at work.


What Should I Do If I Get Re-Injured on The Job?

If you are re-injured on the job, you need to make sure to file a new workers’ comp claim. A lawyer can help you through the process if you aren’t sure how to file your second claim.


Can my workers’ comp doctor send me back to work despite still being in pain?

If your pain inhibits your ability to function and work, but your doctor has okayed you to go back to work, it may be time to seek a new physician or a second opinion regarding your functional capacity. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney may be able to help with this.