After being injured in an accident or altercation, you may want to seek a personal injury lawyer to sue the other party for reimbursement. In addition to being awarded compensation for the cost of the accident, the court might also grant you pain and suffering damages. These damages are a type of legally mandated financial compensation meant to reimburse you for the suffering you felt. Understanding the ins and outs of pain and suffering damages can take some time, but keep reading for a general overview of what to expect. 


Types of Personal Injury Damages in North and South Carolina

Before you can seek this kind of legal action with your personal injury attorney, you need to understand your options, and which types of damages apply to your situation. Ask your personal injury attorney about:

  • Damages to pay for medical costs (present and future) 
  • Damages to pay for lost wages
  • Damages to pay for harmed property
  • Damages to pay for in-home accommodations you need as a result of your injury


With the help of an injury lawyer, you can also ask for damages due to the pain and suffering you experienced from your accident. These damages are divided into one of three categories: economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages.


What Are Pain and Suffering Damages?

Most kinds of damages are straightforward, but pain and suffering damages can seem more confusing and abstract. Pain and suffering damages fall into the non-economic category of damages because they aren’t related directly to the economic effects of your accident. Instead, they are related to the accident’s impact on you physically and mentally. If your accident has caused you physical pain, mental stress, or even potentially affected the length of your life, then you might be able to seek pain and suffering damages in court.


When Can You Be Awarded Pain and Suffering Damages?

Essentially, if you were hurt by another person or their negligence, you can seek pain and suffering damages for your personal injury. A personal injury law firm will have experts on hand to help you determine what and how much to ask for. 


How are Pain and Suffering Damages Calculated?

Personal injury law helps determine how your damages will be decided and paid, and your personal injury settlement will depend on many different factors. Pain and suffering damages are calculated in various ways. The most common way is the multiplier method, which multiplies your other economic damages to arrive at an appropriate sum for your pain and suffering damages. Another option for calculating these damages is to estimate a per-day rate that you will be paid.


When to Seek Representation

Personal injury claims can be complicated. While you can seek a bodily injury claim on your own, it is generally a good idea to get the help of a lawyer to ensure the best possible outcome for your lawsuit. Most lawyers only seek payment if they win your case for you, so getting a lawyer can be an affordable and smart way to take care of yourself after an accident.


Dealing with the pain and suffering after an accident can be a massive weight on your shoulders. If you get an excellent personal injury firm to work with you, they can lighten the burden by ensuring that you receive fair compensation. That way, you can move on and start living your life more fully. 

If you find yourself in need of a personal injury attorney in North Carolina or South Carolina, Lee Law Offices can help.