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Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Uninsured Motorist

At Lee Law Offices, P.A. we are often asked by people who have been injured in an accident if they have a claim even though the driver at fault had no insurance.

The answer is yes.  You should seek representation for damages based on the extent of your injuries and who was at fault in the accident, regardless of whether the driver reported having insurance.  Sometimes at-fault drivers will indicate little or no insurance coverage in an attempt to avoid a claim.  In the event the at-fault vehicle was not insured, the Carolina personal injury lawyers at Lee Law Offices, P.A., can review your case to determine if you can recover damages.

While each case is unique, we can help you determine whether money damages can be recovered against the at-fault driver. Even if the at-fault vehicle was uninsured, the driver may have his own insurance policy, if he didn’t own the at-fault vehicle. Also, he may have insurance coverage under a policy issued to a relative living in his household.

In most cases, we can help you obtain a recovery from your own insurance company if neither the at-fault driver nor at-fault vehicle were insured.

At Lee Law Offices, P.A., we believe seeking qualified representation can be even more important when dealing with an uninsured accident situation. Uninsured motorists are a big problem on the roads today. Lee Law Offices can help.

Our experienced attorneys offer free appointments throughout North and South Carolina to discuss your rights. Contact us for a free appointment to discuss your case – there is no fee unless you recover money.

Underinsured Motorist

Many drivers choose to operate their vehicles with the minimum liability limits required by law. Although all drivers are given the opportunity to purchase higher liability limits, they often pick the ‘cheapest’ coverage to save money.

This can have dire consequences for both an at-fault driver and his injury victim. Automobile accidents can result in horrendous injuries. At Lee Law Offices we’ve seen our share of catastrophic injuries. A bill from a hospital inpatient stay of a short duration can easily exceed the minimum liability limits required by the laws of North and South Carolina.

This leaves the at-fault driver open to personal liability for the remainder of his injury victim’s medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, permanent disabilities and other damages. The ‘cheap’ insurance turns out to be very costly for the driver. The decision to buy minimum coverage is even more foolhardy because the vast majority of the cost of liability insurance is contained in the minimum amount. Higher limits can be purchased at little relative additional cost.

If the at-fault driver and vehicle are underinsured (the liability limits are less than the value of the injury victim’s total damages), the lawyers at Lee Law Offices will look for other sources of recovery, including the at-fault driver’s personal assets and the injury victim’s own insurance coverage.

An injury victim may have coverage on his or her own insurance policy which pays money damages when the at-fault driver and vehicle are underinsured. This puts the injury victim in an adversarial position with his or her own insurance company and it is advisable for him or her to seek an experienced attorney to handle the underinsured motorist claim.

Our experienced attorneys offer free appointments throughout North and South Carolina to discuss your rights. Contact us for a free appointment to discuss your case – there is no fee unless you recover money.

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