The Sad Truth

The rate of traffic fatalities has improved over the last century, but car crashes are still a common cause of death in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), roughly six million car crashes occurred in 2019. The NHTSA estimated around 36,000-38,800 car accident deaths the same year.

Driving problems are just as clear on the state level as the national level. North Carolina had an estimated 318,000 crashes in 2019. About 125,000 people were injured, and nearly 1,500 died. South Carolina does not have as precise of a report, but it is estimated that approximately 700 people were killed on the road last year. While it is not as likely you will die from a car accident, a devastating wreck can still leave you with a serious injury.

What Causes Car Accidents?

Why do car accidents happen so frequently? The most common reason for a vehicular mishap is distracted driving. In an NHTSA report, 41% of accidents were caused by the driver not responding to other cars around them. In the age of cell phones, people are more distracted than ever. Texting, phone calls, and social media are obvious culprits, but passengers can also draw your focus away from the road.

Drowsy driving and driving under the influence are also frequent causes of car accidents. If you are not getting enough sleep, or if your mind is being affected by a drug of some kind, you are less likely to have the quick response time necessary when driving. About 10,500 car accident deaths per year occur because of driving under the influence. Aggressive driving and health problems are other primary causes of vehicular death.

What Do I Do Now?

If you or someone you know has experienced a car accident injury, you need to find an attorney that can help you find justice. Crashes are scary, and they come with their own set of expenses that cause you additional stress. During this time, you should focus on recovery—having an attorney can help you with that.
Car accident attorneys are dedicated to getting you the best deal possible to cover your lost wages, hospital care, and a replacement vehicle where necessary. A car accident lawyer will help you understand your rights, provide legal advice in establishing your case, and negotiate to ensure your settlement will be fair. If you are unsure what to do, consider contacting a lawyer to help you with your case.