Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to these common questions.

Do I need a lawyer?
We believe that every person who is injured in an automobile accident or on the job should talk with a lawyer before discussing the case with an insurance adjuster and especially before signing anything.

By signing the wrong paperwork an injured person could give up valuable rights without receiving adequate compensation. Remember, once your case is settled it generally cannot be reopened, even if your medical bills increase and your condition gets worse.

Also, please keep in mind that the insurance adjuster does not work for you. He works for the person who injured you. His job is to settle the claim for as little money as possible. That’s why you need a personal injury lawyer fighting for you. Lee Law Offices represents injured people. We are on your side. We will negotiate with the insurance adjuster, on your behalf, in order to obtain a fair and adequate settlement for you.

Can I afford a lawyer?
We at Lee Law Offices are certainly affordable. We never charge a legal fee to talk with us. If you wish to hire us to represent you, we have contingency fee arrangements available. There is no legal fee unless you recover money. Percentage fees are figured before expenses are deducted. You will not be asked to pay anything “up front” for our services. We will explain our contract of representation to you fully prior to your decision to hire Lee Law Offices as your law firm.
Who should I hire as my lawyer?
Make sure you choose the right law firm for the type of case that you have. The law firm you hire does make a difference in the amount of money and quality of service that you receive.

We at Lee Law Offices handle cases involving automobile accident, workers’ compensation, social security disability claims and other personal injury cases. We are experienced in these areas. Both Michael R. Lee and his Associate Attorneys are licensed in North and South Carolina and are members of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice and South Carolina Association for Justice.

What if I'm unable to come to a law office?
For your convenience, we offer free home or hospital visits on most areas of North and South Carolina. Lee Law Offices does not represent insurance companies. We fight for the rights of injured people.

If you would like to speak with a lawyer from the Lee Law Offices, P.A., call 1-800-887-1965 for a free home, hospital or office visit.

What if I'm embarassed or not certain I have a case?
The lawyers at Lee Law Offices are experienced in helping people determine whether they have a case and all meetings are confidential. The decision on whether to actually file a case ultimately rests with the injured party. Our attorneys are here to advise you of your rights.
I don't think there is any insurance, so is it worth it to try and collect damages?
Yes. We recommend you let a qualified personal injury lawyer determine the merits of your case, regardless of whether you think there is insurance available to cover your loss. Often, the at-fault party may downplay insurance coverage or insinuate lack of coverage to avoid a lawsuit. Additionally, recovery may be possible from other insurance available on vehicles in the household, or from the homeowner or other sources. You may also be entitled to recover damage from your own insurance policy.
The insurance company has quickly offered a check for the limits of the policy. Is there any reason to seek the advice of an attorney?
Yes. Insurance companies are for-profit companies that have adjusters and attorneys working on their behalf. They are not working for you. Lee Law Offices, P.A. advises injured parties to never sign any documents, accept any checks or make any statements to insurance companies or their agents before talking to an experienced Carolina injury lawyer. The actions you take and the interactions you have with insurance companies can have a lasting impact on your case and even prevent you from obtaining the compensation you deserve if your injuries become worse or other factors unknown at the time make your case worth more. (This is one of the reasons insurance companies can try to make a quick settlement.)
I know or like the person who caused the accident or injury and don't want to create a hardship for a friend or family member. What can I do?
Unfortunately, accidents are sometimes caused by friends, neighbors or even relatives and loved ones. This can be a touchy situation. But ultimately you need to look out for your own best interests. In the vast majority of cases, a recovery is made against the at-fault party’s insurance company. This is why people have insurance.
I've been in a car accident, what do I do?
Determine Damage or Injuries

Stay calm. Call police and, except for very minor fender benders, request medical treatment at the scene. The aftermath of an accident is no time to refuse medical treatment, even if you think you are fine. Stress and adrenaline can mask the symptoms of serious injury. And many types of injuries, including some head, neck, joint and muscle injuries, can have delayed onset.

Attempt to see if the occupants of the other vehicle need urgent medical care. But do not engage in discussion about the accident. Never admit fault. And do not argue. People react differently to stress in an accident situation. It is best to wait near your vehicle for authorities to arrive.

File a police report

Do not leave the scene of an accident until you talk to authorities. This can be illegal and most insurance companies require an official police accident report.

Call your insurance agent

Most insurance companies have strict rules about reporting accidents. Call your insurance agent right away after you have received medical attention.

Discussing the accident

Cooperate with law enforcement at the scene. But do not talk to the other driver or insurance agents from another company and do not admit fault for the accident. Never be belligerent or argumentative with authorities. The official accident report will be an important part of your case later. (Note: if you believe the accident may result in criminal charges against you, ignore this advise and contact a criminal defense attorney.)

You may request that law enforcement properly document the accident scene and speak with witnesses. Attempt to get the name and contact information from witnesses on your own.

Get the facts

In addition to speaking with witnesses at the scene, document anything that could have contributed to the accident, such as road or weather conditions, obstructed views, poor or inoperative street lights or malfunctioning traffic signals or other traffic control devices.

Write down everything you remember about the accident as soon as you are able and keep it for your records. In addition, return to the scene and take photographs. Skid marks and other accident debris will only remain for a limited amount of time. Vegetation growth changes with the season. Road and lighting conditions can change. All this can have an impact on your case months or even years later.

Documentation and Timeline

Keep all correspondence having to do with the accident and create a timeline of events, including when you receive mail or phone calls regarding the accident.

When should I contact an attorney?
Lee Law Offices recommend anyone involved in an accident speak with a qualified accident lawyer. Oftentimes, injuries that appear minor at first can have long-term consequences. Insurance companies, even your own, will often times ask injury victims to sign a release in an attempt to minimize costs.

You are not in an accident everyday. Everyone else involved deals with accidents on a daily basis. Without an accident attorney, you really have no one knowledgeable looking out for you and your best interests.

How much is it going to cost?
Lee Law Offices, P.A. offer free appointments to discuss your case and there are no upfront costs for representation. There is no fee unless you recover money. For your convenience, they will visit you at home or in the hospital to discuss your rights.