The recent COVID-19 outbreak has proved to be a stressful time for all; however, it seems to have impacted some demographics of people more than others. One of these demographics includes the elderly, particularly those residing in nursing homes, as evident in the recent tragedy at the Citadel-Salisbury nursing home in North Carolina.


Broken Promises

For those who did not hear the news, resident Marjorie Garvin at the Citadel-Salisbury has been recently diagnosed with COVID-19. Marjorie’s family is outraged. Why? 


After being placed in the nursing home at the start of 2020, Ms. Gavin and her family were promised a private room, as well as excellent care at the hands of experienced staff and professionals. They felt like they could reasonably expect such care given that they were paying $11,000 per month. When COVID-19 hit, Ms. Garvin’s family repeatedly attempted to contact her but were not provided sufficient information concerning her status. Finally, they learned that Ms. Garvin had been relocated to a room where she was to live with another resident who had recently tested positive for COVID-19. When Ms. Garvin’s family attempted to ascertain why Ms. Garvin had been relocated, they were left in the dark, simply told that the situation was being taken care of and they need not worry.


In reality, they had every reason to worry. Soon after, Ms. Garvin contracted COVID-19. When family members were finally able to visit her in her condition, they were not asked to put on sanitary gloves.



Now, Ms. Garvin and her family are feeling disillusioned by the situation they have found themselves in. Rather than quality care, there is evidence that Citadel-Salisbury has only provided a safe harbor for the COVID-19 virus because of unsanitary living conditions and insufficient staff to keep residents healthy and safe. It seems that Citadel’s corporate office has turned their backs on their promises to paying customers and staff. Rather than love and care, the elderly residents have only been treated with negligence, disregard, and lack of awareness. For many of the elderly in their care, it is too late.


Ms. Garvin’s daily struggle with COVID-19 and lack of recovery bodes ill. Perhaps if there had been more consideration given to her by Citadel’s corporate office and responsible staff, she would continue to be as vibrant and happy as she once was.


Trial by Jury

Ms. Garvin and her families’ personal injury lawyer alleges that Ms. Garvin’s condition was superseded by negligence even before COVID-19 affected the general population of North Carolina. The lawsuit claims that Citadel-Salisbury refused to meet sanitary legal requirements, such as clean showers, even after several concerns had been reported. They have had multiple violations on their record with little progress to show.


Accordius Health, the owner and operator of Citadel-Salisbury and other nursing homes across North Carolina, are being called upon in a trial by jury to answer for their failure to provide quality care and safety. Why hasn’t there been sufficient supervision and management, nor adequate allocation of resources, to ensure appropriate care for Citadel-Salisbury residents?