The process you need to complete to file a claim for workers’ compensation can be complex and frustrating. It does not help that much of the terminology involved is usually unfamiliar to the standard worker. From the concept of workers’ comp itself to the worker’s comp attorneys that you may need, here are some fundamental terms that you should be familiar with before diving into filing your claim.


Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is a kind of insurance coverage that an employer or business owner pays. Employees do not usually contribute towards workers’ comp insurance payments (unlike other forms of insurance that might be provided to employees as a company benefit). This is because workers’ comp insurance pays employees in the event of injury or sickness related to the job. In the state of North Carolina, it is a legal necessity for employers to have workers’ comp insurance if they regularly employ three or more people. Subcontractors in the state are also required to have workers’ comp insurance if they hire even one person. If you have questions about your employer’s legal status regarding workers’ comp, talk to a workers’ comp attorney.


North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act

Workers’ comp settlements can also help you or your loved ones in the event of a work-related death. The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act is a program established in North Carolina law to financially compensate families with missed wages or hospital bills in the event of said work-related death. This program, enforced by the state, will require most (if not all) employers to support an employer’s family in that circumstance. If you would like to know if your case is covered by the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer.


Workers’ Compensation Benefits

While the specifics of the benefits paid for by workers’ comp will vary widely, you will see payments fall within a few categories. Medical bills (both current and anticipated) are the most common benefit. Wages lost because of recovery time is also often a benefit offered–like any good workers’ comp lawyer will tell you. Your employer and their insurance should also expect costs relating to rehabilitation.


Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you feel your work environment has caused your injury or sickness, you should file a workers’ compensation claim first. You must provide direct evidence that ties your grievance to your job. You will also need to fill out and submit a specific form–a North Carolina Industrial Commission Form 18, among others. Do thorough research to know what other steps must be taken. It might be a good idea to look into local workers’ compensation law firms that can help you out tremendously through this process. Also, remember that incidents that are not technically the fault of your employer or your workplace (e.g., issues relating to your commute or injuries sustained by a violent customer) will likely be rejected. Consult with a workers’ compensation attorney if you have doubts about your claim.


Workers Compensation Attorney

The system currently in place in North Carolina for workers’ compensation claims is complicated. If you are not careful, you might waste time and money. It is also possible that you will not get your claim granted if you file it incorrectly. That is why using a workers’ compensation lawyer can be very helpful. They are familiar with the details of North Carolina’s workers’ compensation laws, regulations, and standards. If your claim is rejected, you might want to go to court, where a judge will decide if your employer must compensate you. In that situation, a workers’ compensation lawyer with lots of experience in the field would be invaluable. 

Here at Lee Law Offices, that is precisely the experience we offer. Call Lee Law Offices during working hours to set up a consultation. Our workers’ comp attorneys can and will help you with your claim or claim appeal. Without a good workers’ compensation law firm, there is no guarantee you will get the financial support you deserve.