Your Case is Our Focus

Each case is unique and each client will receive the personalized attention he or she deserves.

We work to tailor our strategy to meet the needs of each case and to earn maximum recovery for each individual client. Our job is to use legal tactics and strategy and to structure each client’s case to maximize the verdict or recovery of each individual case on its own merits.

We deal with the medical reports from the paramedics, emergency room, surgeons, doctors, physical therapists and other medical experts. We keep abreast of the medical treatment of our clients and consult with doctors and other medical experts about the potential for permanent injuries.

We use retired law enforcement officers and other professionals to investigate circumstances of accidents and interview witnesses.

And we work with the client to determine and recover lost wages.

We use this information to make a demand to the insurance companies involved in the case to start settlement negotiations and progress with negotiations until we have received the insurance company’s highest offer.

We present the offer to the client and discuss whether that is sufficient to cover their case and our opinion about whether or not they should settle the case. It is always your decision on whether or not to settle or whether you want to proceed to court.

Because at Lee Law Offices, P.A., our only focus is on getting you the compensation you deserve.