Commercial Trucks

Accident Facts

In North Carolina, 168 trucking fatalities occurred in 2007, up from 152 in 2006.

In South Carolina, the number of fatal trucking accidents dropped slightly in 2007 to 91, from 95 fatal accidents in 2006.

When a 4,000 pound passenger car gets into an accident with an 80,000 pound semi, you don’t stand a chance.

While the numbers of fatal trucking accidents in the Carolinas are not large, the consequences of a semi or large commercial truck accident are often extremely serious. Death or permanent disability are frequently the result.

At Lee Law Offices, P.A., we will investigate your case, work to determine the amount of insurance available, both on the truck and through the trucking company, investigate the circumstances of the accident and fight to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

Compensation for injuries is often available through a corporation’s overall liability insurance policy for accidents caused by commercial trucks like semis, dump trucks, delivery trucks, logging trucks and other vehicles owned and operated by companies. So it is important to contact an attorney experienced in handling Carolina truck accidents to discuss your rights.

And often times, seeking experienced representation can be crucial to investigating and determining the causes of trucking accidents, which can include unsafe or overloaded trucks, inexperienced or tired truckers, a history of safety violations involving the truck driver or trucking company and other contributing causes that could have a big impact on your case.

Our experienced attorneys, paralegals, investigators and other experts will work with the doctors and medical personnel on your case to determine the extent of your injuries and the future medical problems and pain and suffering you are likely to endure.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured or killed in a trucking accident, Lee Law Offices, P.A. offer free appointments to discuss your rights.

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