Car Accidents

Accident Facts

A total of 41,059 motorists died in traffic fatalities in 2007 and another 1.7 million were injured. The estimated economic cost of traffic accidents in the United States each year is more than $230 billion.

The time you spend in an automobile is the most dangerous time of your day. We all take it for granted until it happens to us. And it happens all the time. On an otherwise fine day. On our way to the office or grocery store.

One minute we are thinking about the day ahead and the next minute the airbag fills our world … or worse.

At Lee Law Offices we know. We have spent decades helping people recover from serious injury or loss after a car accident. We know about the hospital bills, the sometimes inadequate or nonexistent insurance, and the insurance company’s quick and often inadequate settlement offers. Many insurance adjusters try to get the victim to sign a release before the extent of their injuries are known.

We know about the financial burdens, the lost wages, the pain and suffering and the other strains a serious accident can put on a family.

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